Illustration for article titled Man Happy To Set Up Job Interview For Fraternity Brother He Once Forced To Drink Own Piss

NEW YORK—Meeting up for drinks Monday after receiving a LinkedIn message from his former Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity brother, local marketing associate Danny Baylis reportedly said he would be happy to set up a job interview for Brian DiOrio, whom he once forced to chug a Solo cup full of his own urine. “This is actually good timing—we’ve got a position on the marketing team opening up this summer,” said Baylis, offering to “put in a good word” for the man he’d made stand in a stress position while reciting the names and graduation years of prominent DKE alumni with a Tabasco-soaked tampon jammed into his mouth. “Let’s definitely shoot to schedule something within the next few weeks.” DiOrio, who as a pledge also went by the name “Trifaggotops” and whose fraternity membership was contingent upon him inserting a pool cue into his anus on command, reportedly thanked Baylis and said he looked forward to coming in.


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