PHOENIX—Attempting to conceal its wrinkles while carefully brushing its fabric clean of lint and stray threads, local man David Cutler was said to be getting his futon all dolled up Thursday for a Craigslist photo shoot. Witnesses reported that Cutler fussed over the piece of furniture for several minutes in an effort to make it look its most appealing, accessorizing it with strategically arranged pillows that pleasingly offset its natural tones before repositioning it several times to take advantage of the studio apartment’s best available lighting. After rushing over to pick a few loose cat hairs from its surface that had escaped earlier detection, the 29-year-old reportedly snapped several test shots of his subject, making sure he was shooting the furniture from its good side to hide its unsightly fraying seam and coffee stain. At press time, sources say Cutler was trying to coax the stiff and incompliant piece of furniture to lie back so he could get some more provocative shots of it as a bed.