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VENICE, ITALY—Saying he can tell from the way she’s been looking at him that she clearly expects him to pop the question, local man Dwayne Moyer told reporters Friday he feels pressure to propose to his girlfriend, Samantha Firks, after dating her for three years, buying her a ring, and getting down on one knee. “Man, just because we’ve been together for a while, and because I knelt before her and opened a velvet box containing a $10,000 diamond ring, she’s suddenly acting like it’s time we got engaged,” said Moyer, explaining how he flew his significant other to Italy for their anniversary, hired a string quartet to serenade Firks, and was now being made to feel as if he had no choice but to ask her to be his wife. “It really isn’t fair of her to do this. I hinted that today was going to be a ‘special,’ paid a professional photographer to capture the moment, and this is what I get in return? A guilt trip about getting married? To make matters worse, ever since I asked her father’s permission for her hand in marriage, her whole family has been bugging me about when I’m going to do it, which is making me super uncomfortable.” Moyer added that he was also feeling pressure to have kids with Firks now that the couple had finally succeeded after months of trying to conceive a child together.


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