LOS ANGELES—Amazed by the archeological treasure trove he described as “hiding in plain sight,” museumgoer Nolan Terrell stumbled across a huge cache of rare fossils Friday while walking through the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. “My first thought was that this is a gold mine—there’s a massive diversity of fossils, everything from the Jurassic to the Cenozoic era, and they’re all in pristine condition,” said Terrell, marveling at the vast array of prehistoric remnants that, experts at the museum confirmed, could potentially alter the way people view the timeline of life on earth. “There appear to be a few barriers to collecting them, but as these seem to consist primarily of red velvet rope and glass, I’m sure it’s nothing fossil experts can’t handle.” Terrell said he will personally finance a paleontological expedition with the fortune he recently made after discovering a trove of natural gemstones and crafted jewelry on the museum’s second floor.


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