Illustration for article titled Man Deftly Downplays His Neighborhood To Coworker Thinking Of Moving There

BOSTON—Thinking quickly to devise a list of reasons why the area was not an ideal choice, local billing clerk Tim Connors, 33, managed to skillfully downplay the desirability of his neighborhood to a coworker who expressed an interest in potentially moving there, sources confirmed Wednesday. “You know, it was pretty nice when I moved in a few years ago, but it’s actually kind of gone downhill a bit,” said Connor, who mentioned the neighborhood’s lack of easy access to a grocery store as well as the long commute to work each morning as serious things to consider before his colleague started looking at apartments in the area. “Honestly, it’s okay, if you don’t mind limited restaurant choices and all the noisy construction. It’s fine for me right now, but if I could afford to I would probably move somewhere else.” Connors added that if his coworker wanted to explore the neighborhood, he should definitely check out the main square, which he noted had a great little coffee shop and “only a few muggings each month.”


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