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HARTFORD, CT—Startled and unsure how to respond to the wholly unexpected remark, local man Caleb Borden was reportedly blindsided Thursday when a stranger and otherwise normal-seeming person suddenly told him to “have a blessed day.” “Here I am talking to someone I think is just a typical, ordinary guy, and then he hits me out of nowhere with this whole ‘blessed day’ thing,” Borden, 37, said of the friendly stranger who stopped to ask him for directions, confirming the man was dressed in plain, everyday clothes, had a calm demeanor, and did not give off any outward signs of being unusual in any way before employing the religious language. “It caught me completely off guard. You think you’re dealing with a regular person, no different than you or me, and then without any warning they go and throw something like that at you. I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover.” Borden added that he had been too stunned to formulate a verbal response to the man and was only able to smile faintly and nod his head before continuing on his way.


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