Man Can’t Unsee That McDonald’s Logo Just Big ‘M’

Illustration for article titled Man Can’t Unsee That McDonald’s Logo Just Big ‘M’

OLATHE, KS—Expressing disbelief that he had gone almost 40 years without noticing the symbol that was hiding in plain sight, local man Brett Presley told reporters Monday that after a friend pointed it out, he could not unsee that the McDonald’s logo is secretly a big letter M. “When Brian first told me that those big arches on the McDonald’s sign actually form an M, I just laughed at him, but now it’s all I see when I look at it,” said Presley, adding that since having the revelation several weeks ago, he has told almost everyone he’s met about the secret message in the company trademark just to see the shock on their faces. “It’s such a clever design to sneak that in there. Sometimes, I’ll bring it up on my phone and ask people if they see anything, but most folks will say they don’t see anything hidden, it’s just the McDonald’s logo. I guess, like me, they just assumed it was two bent-over french fries.” Presley added that he hopes the secret M does not have any sinister meaning like the Star of David hidden in the Hardee’s logo.