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SAN FRANCISCO—Beaming with pride as he recalled the support he gave coworker Laura Wolff when he refrained from taking full credit for a joint project, advertising copywriter Ken Appleby said Monday he sincerely believes his non-undermining behavior contributed significantly to the female colleague’s success. “New hires always need a support system, and I’d like to think I was Laura’s when she started here because I generally kept my distance and didn’t hinder her progress on purpose, at least as far as I can remember,” said Appleby, recalling that he actively chose not to upstage Wolff in meetings, and instead greeting the ideas she pitched with the empty silence they needed in order to spread their wings and fly. “A lot of men are threatened by women in the workplace, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say I go the extra mile by not talking over women—I don’t even acknowledge that they’re talking at all half the time. And I never once protested, or even commented at all one way or another, when Laura got that promotion.” Appleby expressed frustration that his female coworker has been “somewhat of an ingrate,” never once thanking him for all his help.


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