CANTON, MI—Upon being informed by the cashier that his assortment of purchases totaled $49.56, local man Josh Molina triumphantly basked Thursday in the glory of using up nearly the exact value of his $50 Target gift card. “Wow, I thought maybe that Twix bar would nudge me over the limit, but it worked out perfectly, just perfectly,” said Molina, exulting in victory after spending 20 minutes carefully gathering a group of items that would approach $50 and that would then edge even closer to that amount once tax was factored in. “I figured the coffee machine would use up the bulk of my card, and then when I saw some socks I like on sale for $7.99, I just knew the numbers were going to line up. This is beyond amazing.” At press time, Molina had reinserted the now-44-cent gift card into his wallet, where it would remain indefinitely.


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