Man Assumed Celebrity Sighting Would Do More For His Career

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AKRON, OH—After unexpectedly running into actor Jeff Garlin during a recent trip to Los Angeles, local man Richard Grover admitted to reporters Monday that he assumed the chance sighting would do more for his career. “When I met the guy who plays Larry David’s agent on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I sort of felt like things would start picking up for me or something, but so far it’s been pretty quiet,” said Grover of his brief encounter, which he confirmed had yet to lead to any phone calls, emails, or text messages about any exciting new job opportunities. “It’s like people hear me explaining how I approached Jeff, asked for a picture, and was told, ‘I like your shirt,’ but they don’t immediately ask to see my résumé. I don’t understand—We’re talking about the star of ABC’s The Goldbergs. My phone should be ringing off the hook.” At press time, things were reportedly starting to pick up once Grover emailed the picture to his boss, who responded, “Cool.”


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