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DALLAS—Awestruck by a knowledge base spanning everything from 1960s art house films to the most recent episode of Veronica Mars, employees at SunTech Systems confirmed Monday that coworker Mason George, 31, possesses the preternatural ability to have heard good things about whatever pop culture phenomenon is being discussed at any given time. “Whether it’s a podcast he read something about or a movie a friend of his saw, Mason is always aware that it’s generally well-received,” said colleague Becca Thompson, recalling the dozen or so times George authoritatively delivered secondhand knowledge of superficial approval for some form of media, confirming to all who would listen that the movie, series, album, or artist in question had a lot of great buzz and was something he wished to check out sometime soon. “Even if we’re standing several dozen yards away from him and discussing a season of a TV show or a song, he unfailingly picks up on it and shares his experience of having read a capsule review of the thing we’re chatting about from all the way across the office. We were talking about Ocean’s 8 just last week and out of nowhere we heard him say he had seen a few clips of it online and thought it looked cool. It’s uncanny how anything and everything we’ve ever discussed is something he’s been meaning to watch. I can’t imagine where he finds the time.” George later became conspicuously absent from a lunchtime gathering in the SunTech break room when a discussion of the movie Last Christmas unexpectedly turned towards politics.


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