‘It’s Like You’re Hearing Me But You’re Not Listening To Me,’ Says Man To Representative On Oscar Mayer Customer Service Hotline

BUFFALO GROVE, IL—Emphasizing that communication was a “two-way street,” local man Thomas Ross expressed concern Monday that he was being heard, but not listened to by a representative taking his call on the Oscar Mayer customer service hotline. “I just keep talking and talking, and it’s like you’re not even listening at all,” said Ross, adding that it hurt him deeply to have his vulnerability met with such callous indifference by a customer service representative who he had assumed cared about him. “What about what I want, Reggie? Is it too much to ask for a three-cheese hotdog? All you do is offer platitudes and pretend like we haven’t had this conversation a dozen times before. You should at least have the balls to give it to me straight, Reggie! I think you owe me that much.” At press time, Ross accused the representative of exploiting a power imbalance in their relationship by bringing his manager into the fold.


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