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NEW YORK—Expressing frustration after yet another company employee visited her office with an issue, human resources director Sally Kent told reporters Thursday that she doesn’t know what exactly it is about her that makes people want to unload all their problems. “I have absolutely no idea why they all want to lay their troubles down on my doorstep,” said Kent, explaining that ever since she started with the company over a year ago, her coworkers have been coming to her office with every boss-, coworker-, and salary-related conflict they have. “I listen to them, of course, but in the back of my head I’m thinking, ‘Why the hell are you telling me this?’ Am I too nice? Do I have the kind of face that says ‘Tell me what your issue with payroll is?’ Some of their problems sound really serious, and they should go to someone who can help them, not me.” At press time, Kent was unavailable to answer any further questions due to a new “Do Not Disturb” sign placed prominently on her office door.


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