Hero Of The Common Man Talks To Plumber For Entire Time He’s In House

SHIVELY, KY—Unafraid to mingle at length with an ordinary blue-collar worker, local media consultant Darrel Palmer, a true hero of the common man, reportedly spoke to plumber Pete Worlan through all 38 minutes of the repairman’s Wednesday morning visit to his home. “Busy day today, huh? Bet you get a lot of calls to fix corroded pipes in old houses like this one,” said the champion of the people, tossing aside class divisions and letting his true populist spirit shine on such topics as the weather, last weekend’s football game, and the type of vehicles he and Worlan drive. “What are these old pipes made of anyway? Looked like iron to me. Boy, you can’t see too many like that anymore.” Sources stated that after paying Worlan’s fee for the repairs, the unrelenting crusader for equality gave the plumber a firm handshake and told him to have a good one.


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