MALTA, IL—After receiving several complaints from patrons regarding unwanted touching in the haunted corn maze attraction, Jonamac Orchard owner Stuart Parrish reportedly sat down with the actor portraying Zombie No. 2 for a second conversation about the maze’s no-contact policy. “Look, Dan, I don’t care if that’s what a real zombie would do—haunters can’t touch the guests, period,” Parrish told the 36-year-old seasonal employee, adding that “you can get in their face, you can run at and around them, but there just can’t be hands-on contact.” “I hear you. We want this to be a scary experience. But I gave two refunds this weekend to guests who said they felt endangered. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this is a family attraction, and you have to respect that.” Parrish added that he had to be especially vigilant after last year’s corn maze debacle, when he fired the Wolfman over allegations that he exposed himself.