Illustration for article titled Halloween Pop-Up Store Has Pick Of Every Storefront In Rust Belt Town

BRIDGEPORT, MI—Saying it would be almost impossible to whittle down all the options, sources confirmed Friday that Halloween pop-up store Spooky City could take its pick of just about any storefront in the rust belt town where it intended to operate until October 31. “Well, I’m seeing a lot of empty windows, so at least we’ll have plenty of room to display our costumes and hopefully lure some folks in,” said Spooky City proprietor Curtis Hawkins, noting that except for the Exxon station, the Goodwill store, and a vape shop, every single retail space he looked at on Main Street was vacant. “I could set up shop in the shuttered Kmart. Looks like I could take just about any place in that strip mall off the interstate, too. I’d use one of these old grocery stores, but they’re all clearly falling down.” At press time, reports confirmed the pop-up store had gone out of business two weeks before Halloween.


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