SANTA CLARA, CA—With several weeks now having passed since the tragic death of his old college roommate, local man Keith Bisbee told reporters Friday he is uncertain just how long he has to continue using a photograph of his departed friend as his Facebook profile picture. “I’ve had this photo of Matt up for a while now, so I’ve probably honored his memory pretty sufficiently at this point, right? What are the rules here?” said the 29-year-old, referring to the late Matthew Abrams, who in April succumbed to injuries sustained in a car accident, and whose photo has been featured on Bisbee’s profile ever since. “Obviously, I can’t leave it up forever—that would be creepy. But then again, it might look really weird if I just went back to my normal picture all of a sudden. Maybe if I change it late at night nobody will notice?” At press time, Bisbee confirmed he had switched his profile picture to a pro-gay-marriage equals sign and “[was] hoping for the best.”

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