Illustration for article titled Guests Spit Mouthfuls Of Tuna Into Buckets At StarKist Cannery Tour Tasting Room

PAGO PAGO, AMERICAN SAMOA—Swishing the seafood around their mouths to fully appreciate the flavor, guests reportedly spit mouthfuls of tuna into buckets Friday at the StarKist cannery tour tasting room. “Mmm, strong fishy bouquet with this one, medium-bodied, and it finishes with some notes of salt,” said tourist Corrina Garvin, swirling the sample of oil-packed albacore tuna to examine how it streaked down the glass. “This low-sodium light tuna has a very chunky mouthfeel, which I like, but I think my favorite so far has been the 2015 vintage of the yellowfin. I’m a bit of a canned fish snob, so it’s awesome to try all these finely aged tins and this year’s new blends. Plus, it was really neat to tour the factory and see how the product goes from swimming in the ocean to being scaled, deboned and vacuum-sealed.” At press time, StarKist guests were invited to kick off their shoes, roll up their pants, and stomp tuna in barrels the old-fashioned way.


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