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MARTINSBURG, MD—Noting that most rooms of her home are now effectively off-limits to her, the family of local grandmother Edith Wilson confirmed this week that the 84-year-old is down to a 10-step radius around her recliner in the den. “A few years ago, she could get around the whole ground floor of her house no problem, but now she can’t even make it to her sewing table where she used to pause to hold herself up,” said youngest son Todd Wilson, who noted that all his mother’s most important items—notably her Kleenex, hard candies, pill organizer, Woman’s Day magazines, and glucose monitor—had been relocated to shelves and end tables within several shambles of her tan, overstuffed chair. “She’s still within shuffling distance of the bathroom, which is good. But if this keeps up, we’re probably going to have to move everything she needs within arm’s reach of her chair pretty soon.” Wilson added that his mother was scheduled to have knee surgery later this year, which he hoped would eventually allow her to traverse all the way to the far side of the room at will.


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