Illustration for article titled Glimpse Of Father’s Toenails Offers Boy Petrifying Vision Of Future

MONTAUK, NY—Badly shaken by what he had just witnessed, local boy Peter Danielson, 12, expressed shock Monday after a brief glimpse of his father’s toenails offered a terrifying vision of his future. “Is that…is that what’s going to happen to me?” the shuddering child said after seeing the cracked, milky-yellowish protuberances of uneven thickness when the elder Danielson removed his boots and socks following some yard work. “Am I gonna grow weird hair like that, too? What about all that dried skin just flaking off his feet? Is there any escape for me?” Although Danielson had managed to steady himself by press time, sources suggested that he will be completely unable to cope when he encounters his grandfather’s toenails next month at a beach outing.


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