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CHICAGO—Irritated over a cascading series of issues with his living space, tenant Lucas Brown told reporters Monday that he was only five or six days away from sending a gently worded email to his landlord. “There’s only so much one person can take, and if I have to deal with a leaking ceiling and a busted toilet for just another half a week or so, I’ll be forced to contact the building owner and ask if it might be possible for him to come fix it at his earliest convenience,” said Brown, warning that he had become so fed up at this point that he would only wait until early next week at the latest to write him asking if there was anything he could do to help expedite the process and thank the landlord in advance for reading his email. “I consider myself a pretty patient person, but now that the tub doesn’t drain, the fridge is broken, and there’s no hot water, I simply can’t wait too, too much longer before politely requesting some assistance.” At press time, Brown had decided to postpone his plan after hearing his landlord scream at another tenant who had asked to have his radiator fixed.


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