Frustrated Man Forced To Agree With Dumbass Political Cartoon Of Statue Of Liberty Hugging Immigrants

ANN ARBOR, MI—Groaning upon spotting the image on his Facebook newsfeed, local man Peter Grant was reluctantly forced to agree with an absolutely moronic political cartoon Tuesday in which the Statue of Liberty was depicted hugging several immigrants. “Goddammit, I have to admit that this dumb as shit drawing actually represents what I believe,” said an exasperated Grant, who muttered “for fuck’s sake” upon realizing he fully concurred with a cartoon entitled “Shining Sanctuary City On A Hill.” “I assume the point of this piece of shit is that the United States should welcome immigrants, which I’m totally on board with. But, Christ, just look at it. The immigrants have suitcases labeled ‘Skills,’ ‘Work Ethic,’ and ‘Grit’ on the side. This is so fucking infuriating.” At press time, Grant could not help but write “thanks for sharing” under the dumbass cartoon in which a road behind the Statue of Liberty led toward the words “American Dream.”


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