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FRANKFORT, KY—Wondering if he’d even get a minute of sleep with all that racket, local man Ted Hinze told reporters Friday that he can’t believe he can still hear a nearby construction worker hammering his wife at this hour. “Christ, it’s past ten o’clock and this asshole is still going at it,” said an exasperated Hinze, adding that, despite the fact that he’d started hours ago, it didn’t sound as if the worker was even close to finishing. “I mean, it’s nonstop. The guy doesn’t even take a break. He’s already woken up my two kids. I should probably walk over and say something, but you know he’s not gonna stop until he’s good and ready.” Hinze went on to say that the situation was far more manageable last summer, when the construction worker had pretty much finished for the day by the time he got home from work.


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