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BUTLER, PA—Saying that the 33-year-old has been going through a pretty rough patch lately and might even be clinically depressed, friends of local man Darren Lalley confirmed they are taking care to avoid him as much as possible. “Yeah, Darren’s in kind of a bad place right now, so I’m doing the best I can to keep my distance,” said Lalley’s friend John Carver, 32, who mentioned that lately he has been sending Lalley’s calls to voicemail and going invisible whenever he signs onto Gchat. “I definitely want to give him his space now that the holidays are coming, because that’s always the worst time of year for him. If we bump into each other at any of the same parties, it’ll be tough tiptoeing around personal stuff and sticking to small talk, but I’ll try my hardest.” Carver added that he is also making a point of avoiding his friend David Osborn, who reportedly won’t stop talking about how happy he is to be engaged.


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