Friend Really Laying Into Self For Failing To Reply To Email Sooner

MONTCLAIR, NJ—Expressing deep regret for her “inexcusable” behavior, local 29-year-old Erin Griffith is said to have really laid into herself Monday for failing to reply to a friend’s email sooner. “I am so, so sorry for the late response. I’m such an idiot,” wrote Griffith in the belated email to her old college roommate, which reportedly began with an entire paragraph detailing all the reasons her reply was late and included nearly a dozen separate apologetic statements throughout the body of the message in which she raked herself over the coals for her tardiness. “I’ve been super busy with work and I was traveling the past two weekends, but that’s absolutely no excuse. I should have written you back sooner.” After eventually addressing her friend’s original question in a brief paragraph, Griffith reportedly called back to her sense of contrition in the email’s closing, saying “sorry again” and vowing that she would respond much quicker next time.


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