Friend Hosting Super Bowl Party Confirms There Still Plenty Of Room On Floor

ROCHESTER, NY—Allaying his friend’s concerns over the amount of space available to watch the game, local man Bryan Rogers confirmed Sunday that his Super Bowl party still has plenty of room on the floor. “You should definitely still come over, man, there’s a ton of places left to sit on the rug,” said Rogers, assuring his friend that prime spots in front of the ottoman and against the side of the armchair were wide open and had a clear views of the TV. “It’s gonna be great, dude, there’s an opening in front of the couch between Jesse and Jake’s legs you can squeeze right into. And we can move the coffee table up no problem if you need some legroom. Don’t worry about it.” At press time, Rogers’ guest was reportedly encouraged to grab a seat on a couch arm after arriving to find all the floor space occupied.


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