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SAINT PAUL, MN—Saying that he had “a really good feeling about today,” excited firefighter Pat Morales, 37, took the first opportunity he had on his Wednesday shift to check his fire station’s drop-off bin for any unwanted babies that may have come in while the crew was away. “Every time I come to work, I try to be the first one to the bin to check for babies—it’s really the best part of my day,” a grinning Morales told reporters as he gleefully unlocked the climate-controlled box outside of Saint Paul Fire Station 19 and felt around the padded interior, being careful to check to see if any infants were clogging the chute or had perhaps become stuck in the slot. “It just makes you feel special when you come back from a hard day of fighting fires and there’s a fresh baby warming up in the drop box. Even if we’ve only been out for an hour, I always check the bin when we get back. You never know!” According to his coworkers, Morales is always the first to volunteer every year to decorate the newly donated babies for the holidays.


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