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SUN CITY, AZ—Noticeably confused when his face lit up at the mere mention of her name, the Snyder family admitted Monday to being unsure as to exactly why Paul Swensen, the eldercare nurse employed as the caregiver to their grandmother Ruth, genuinely seems to enjoy spending time with her. “He talks and jokes with Grandma Ruthie like they’re old pals, which is weird, since she’s basically been fairly out of it for the last five years. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear he even likes her,” said 39-year-old Alan Snyder, bewildered by the nurse’s apparently honest interest in hearing his elderly nana repeat the same stories over and over without becoming annoyed. “I get that we’re paying him, but seriously—to appreciate her company and listen to her talk about her day? Really? Every month or so when we show up, he acts the same way, and I’m like, hey, we’re here now, drop the act and go take a smoke break or something. Does he think if he’s nice to her, he’ll get written into the will?” At press time, the Snyder family was baffled that the caregiver became distraught after their grandmother quietly passed away.


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