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EASTON, NJ—Refusing to allow the subtle objectification and belittlement to taint the story of how they first met, members of the Thurman family confirmed Friday that they were tuning out the hints of misogyny in their grandfather’s loving recollection of courting their grandmother. “Back when I was a young man, me and the boys would go down to the pizza parlor every Friday night to try and rustle up some gals, and that’s where I first saw your grandmother,” said Joseph Thurman, 81, whose children and grandchildren reportedly smiled and nodded as they attempted to focus on his professions of love for their grandmother rather than his repeated mentions of her “fine set of legs” that he deemed to be the best he ever saw. “The way she looked that first night, I knew I had to make her mine. She turned me down when I asked her to go out with me, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I kept calling her every day until she finally gave in, but even then I had to keep my hands off her on the first date because she came from a good family.” At press time, Thurman was describing how he insisted on walking their grandmother home after their date because she had to pass through the black part of town.


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