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MURFREESBORO, TN—Shocked to learn the grandmother of seven had died suddenly of Covid-19, a local family told reporters Friday they had left their elderly relative Beverly Foley to die in a nursing home, but not like this. “When we checked Nana into Woodpoint Crest, we figured we’d leave her there and forget about her until she died, obviously—we just never thought this would be the way it happened,” said grandson Greg Foley, explaining that the entire family operated under the assumption that the 82-year-old’s inevitable death at the assisted-living facility would occur as nature took its course and not as the result of a rapidly spreading infectious disease. “Even though I had definitely imagined her passing away in that very bed and in that very room, I had always thought it would be different. To think that instead of succumbing slowly to the infirmities of old age and dying alone, she succumbed quickly to Covid and died’s just too much. I thought I’d at least see her one more time, next year, on her birthday.” At press time, relatives reported feeling heartbroken that they were legally not allowed to attend the funeral that most of them would have skipped.


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