Illustration for article titled Family Knows Not To Interrupt Dad While He’s Skimming Pool, Listening To Orioles Radio Broadcast

SALISBURY, MD—Taking care to avoid the backyard Sunday afternoon to give the 49-year-old his space, family members of Chuck Learman told reporters they know not to interrupt their dad while he’s skimming the pool and listening to the Baltimore Orioles radio broadcast. “This is Dad’s time, so we try to leave him alone,” said daughter Kelly Learman, 13, referring to the three-hour block every weekend when their father calmly and methodically removes floating debris from the family’s pool with a net on a long pole while the Orioles game plays on a portable radio placed on the patio table. “We’re not supposed to bother him unless it’s an emergency. If you need something, you just get Mom instead.” Sources said that a serene smile could later be seen forming on Learman’s face as he checked on the chlorine levels and silently mouthed the words “put it in the win column” along with play-by-play announcer Joe Angel.

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