Illustration for article titled Exhilarated Woman Discovers Last Person Who Used Jigsaw Puzzle Left Lots Of Pieces Sticking Together

SAN FRANCISCO—Emphasizing that a few pieces are even from a difficult single-color section comprising “practically nothing but empty blue sky,” Caitlin Roth, 34, was exhilarated Thursday to discover that the previous person to use the jigsaw puzzle at her Airbnb had left “a ton” of pieces sticking together. “Holy shit, like, half of the red barn is done already! Yeah, baby!” said Roth upon realizing she had a 60 to 80 piece head start on the 500-piece farm tableau. “It’s not even just edges. There’s a bunch of middle stuff in place, too! God, these little grass sections would’ve been tricky because there really aren’t a whole lot of defining features. All I’m left with is the tractor, the horse, and the little birds up top, and then honestly, I can just coast. How fucking lucky am I, huh?” Roth later gave up after spending roughly 15 minutes attempting to complete the puzzle.


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