Ex-Con Still Hanging Out With Hallucinatory Voices That Got Him In Trouble In First Place

JEFFERSON CITY, MO—Criticizing them as an overwhelmingly negative influence on the former prison inmate, friends and family members of ex-convict Todd Chapman told reporters Wednesday they are concerned that the 34-year-old continues to hang out with the hallucinatory voices that got him in trouble in the first place. “Todd’s trying to straighten out his life, but he’s never going to get on track until he stops spending so much time with those imagined voices and letting them talk him into doing something that might violate his parole,” said Chapman’s sister Jessica, referring to the six or seven restless, ill-tempered auditory hallucinations with which the recently released prisoner has spent time nearly every day since his late teenage years. “It seems like anytime Todd is somewhere he’s not supposed to be or doing something he’s not supposed to do, those voices are right there with him, egging him on. He needs to learn how to tune them out, or they’re going to get him into even more trouble than they already have.” Chapman’s sister added that though the voices often pressure the ex-criminal into committing various misdeeds throughout the day, their influence is most toxic when he’s been drinking with them.


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