BOSTON—Noting the sexual tension between several pairs of opposing attorneys as they argued a criminal case this week, Suffolk County Courthouse sources said that each of the defense team’s four members appeared to be a romantic interest and equal match for one of the four prosecutors. According to reports, the chief prosecutor and lead defense attorney—former rival classmates at a top law school now squaring off in a high-profile trial—exchanged rapid-fire arguments as they examined and cross-examined a key witness Tuesday, at one point prompting a square-jawed deputy prosecutor to make a biting remark that was quickly answered with a clever jab from a fashionably attired assistant defense attorney. Though all eight lawyers vocally sparred with their counterpart on the other side and exchanged heated looks on the courtroom floor, sources confirmed they are privately impressed by the intelligence of their respective opponents, and did not appear unhappy upon bumping into them in the hallway during a recess. At press time, the defense counsel had decided to stop by a local bar near the courthouse where the prosecutors were already two rounds into their drinks.