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NEW YORK—After realizing all six images featured the man sporting a gray blazer over a blue button-down, Tinder sources confirmed Monday that every picture on the dating profile of user Rajesh Jayaram was clearly taken at the same semi-formal event. “Jesus, he’s just wearing this floral-pattern shirt in every single one—the mirror selfie, the photo-booth picture, the shot of him dancing where everyone’s cheering him on,” said Tinder user Melissa Reilly, who realized that Jayaram had almost certainly pulled every picture from a wedding he recently attended. “Here, he’s talking to a few friends at a fancy dinner table, obviously in the same venue as this goofy one where he’s giving a girl bunny ears. Same decor, a lot of the same people in the background, all that. This guy really wanted to take full advantage of the one time he wore decent clothes and there was a photographer present. The guy’s shameless.” At press time, Reilly finally discovered one last picture in which the man’s ill-fitting T-shirt and shorts proved the photo wasn’t taken at the event.


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