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CHESAPEAKE, VA—Saying they immediately feared the worst when they saw the child in such a treacherous, life-threatening situation, onlookers confirmed that an emergency crew rushed onto a local sports field Wednesday afternoon and moved quickly to pull a young boy out of a football huddle. “To be honest, when I first saw that poor kid out there, I didn’t think he had much of a chance,” said bystander Tori O’Dell, explaining how she held her breath and said a prayer as paramedics worked to extricate the 12-year-old Chesapeake Pee Wee Tigers player from the team while he was still lucid and before he began engaging in a full-contact scrimmage. “It’s terrible to think that a kid that young with so much life ahead of him could have ended up in such an unsafe and potentially deadly position in the first place. But thankfully, the EMTs arrived right in the nick of time—if they had showed up just a few seconds later, it probably would have been completely hopeless.” O’Dell then reportedly began to tear up as she thought of all the children who weren’t lucky enough to be rescued in time and had their fates tragically sealed.

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