Illustration for article titled Elderly Woman Wheeling Oxygen Tank Takes Over Bus’ Priority Seating Like Most Feared Inmate On Prison Yard

PHILADELPHIA—Without speaking a single word, an elderly woman carting an oxygen tank reportedly caused riders to scatter from the priority seating area of a city bus Wednesday as though she were the most feared inmate on a maximum-security prison yard. The visibly frail woman, who reportedly clutched her walker as a convict might grip a shiv carved from a toothbrush, is said to have sent the former occupant of her seat scrambling to the back of the bus with a mere glance. She was then seen lowering herself down into the seat like a tattooed gang hitman with multiple life sentences, including one for a murder committed while in prison, who had chosen to commandeer the yard’s bench press. Reports later confirmed that passengers had cleared the aisle after the bus reached a stop and the woman—who signaled what was about to happen like an inmate giving the order to stab a rival gang leader in the neck—nodded toward the exit.


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