Illustration for article titled Elderly Woman Begins Freezing Meals Husband Can Eat While She’s Passed Away

SHARPSBURG, PA—In an effort to provide comfort and nourishing food to her spouse in her absence, local octogenarian Helen Griggs told reporters Wednesday that she has begun freezing home-cooked meals for her husband to enjoy while she’s passed away. “I’ve already made four pans of lasagna and a big batch of beef stew for Arthur,” said Griggs, 87, who suffers from advanced-stage cancer and is determined to provide her partner of 60 years with an extensive variety of soups and casseroles to grab from the freezer, heat up, and eat at his leisure when she goes to her final resting place. “I just want to make sure he eats well. He just loves my butternut squash soup, so I made 10 quarts. I froze each meal as a single serving that he can warm up in the microwave without too much fuss.” Griggs estimated that she had prepared enough frozen meals to last until her husband joins her, but wanted to make an extra meatloaf just to be safe.

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