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EDISON, NJ—Gazing wistfully at the maroon 2004 Nissan Altima sedan as it put on its right blinker and merged toward an oncoming off-ramp, motorist Jack Warren admitted Thursday he was “kind of bummed out, really” to see the car he had been driving behind for almost 45 minutes exit off the highway. “Man, we’ve been together since practically Robbinsville Township. You always know in your heart this moment will come, but you never expect it to happen as early as Exit 10,” said Warren, reminiscing about the good times he had shared with the Nissan’s anonymous driver as they made their way northbound on Interstate 95, braking suddenly for big 18-wheelers, and slowing down together to pass the police cars near Cranbury. “Sure, we’ve been separated before. I lost him around East Brunswick when that Honda merged into my lane, but I eventually spotted him and caught up. This time, it’s really goodbye.” Warren’s brief moment of highway-related despair has since been replaced by a glimmer of hope at the sight of a burnt orange Kia Sorento that has kept pace with him for the last seven miles.


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