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OAKLAND, CA—Admitting she was worried that her subconscious was trying to tell her something, Cookie, a local Parson Russell terrier, confirmed Monday that she wasn’t sure how to interpret a crazy dream she had where she saw a squirrel and then barked at a squirrel. “For the last three nights, every time I close my eyes, I see the squirrel, I chase the squirrel, and then the squirrel climbs up a tree,” said Cookie, adding that no matter how hard she barks, the squirrel will not come down, and no matter how hard she tries to climb the tree, she can never get past the base of the trunk. “I mean, I guess I never knew my mother, maybe the squirrel could represent the lack of a maternal figure in my life? Or maybe the squirrel represents my mortality, and the fact that the squirrel escapes me means that I’m going to die? Man, I don’t know. This is even weirder than the time I dreamed about seeing a rabbit and then chasing the rabbit.” At press time, Cookie had fallen asleep, only to bark and run so hard in her sleep that she jolted herself awake.

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