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DETROIT—Yearning with breathless anticipation to learn more about the hugely influential band, documentary viewer Jeremy Rosen told reporters Wednesday that he could not wait to find out which four lads from Liverpool had changed the face of music forever. “Wow, apparently all of these guys rose from humble beginnings in England to take the sixties by storm,” said Rosen, as black-and-white photographs of the Liverpool Cavern Club and Mathew Street appeared on the screen while the documentary’s narrator revealed that few would suspect a quartet of English schoolboys with Rickenbackers would come to define an era. “Even though they started out as just some teenagers with mop tops, it sounds like they actually went on to reach dizzying heights of fame and commercial success. Man, I wish they’d just hurry up and tell me their names.” At press time, an intrigued Rosen reportedly leaned in closer to his television as Ed Sullivan prepared to introduce the unknown foursome.


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