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DENVER—Telling them the relationship would stay the same no matter what happens, divorcing parents Lydia Block and Greg Pascale took a moment to assure their anxious young children that their family dog would always love them, sources reported Thursday. “I know this is a big change, but even though Mommy and Daddy will live in different houses, Muffett still loves you very, very much,” said Block, gingerly explaining to Tina, 8, and Ben, 6, that despite the many adjustments the divorce would require, their relationship with their beloved 4-year-old Boston terrier would remain just as close as ever. “You may not be able to see him as often as before, but that will make your time with Muffett all the more special when you get to visit him on the weekends. I know it’s going to be hard at first, but you’re very important to Muffett, okay? He loves you just as much as ever, and I want you to remember that.” Block also reassured the children that, no matter what they may hear at school, Muffett doesn’t blame them for the divorce.


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