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MINNEAPOLIS—Saying the pair was making everyone nearby feel uncomfortable, onlookers stated Wednesday they were disgusted by local couple Tyler Meacham and Caitlyn Ashford’s habit of interacting in public. “Oh, God, just look at that gross couple over there, making eye contact and generally acknowledging each other’s presence—don’t they realize there are other people around?” said restaurant patron Collin Hicks, who was seated at a table next to the shamelessly communicating couple, one of dozens of eyewitnesses who expressed their revulsion at the twosome engaging in loud, impassioned chatting in crowded stores, parks, aboard public transportation, and on busy sidewalks. “I’ve tried to pretend like I don’t notice all the smiling and laughing, but even when I look away I can still hear the sound of them discussing all sorts of topics with one another. It’s fine if they have this kind of back-and-forth in the privacy of their home, but doing it right in front of dozens of strangers just trying to get through their meals? It’s sick. I’ve got kids with me—just think of what message this is sending them.” Hicks added that some couples must just get off on the idea of other people watching them converse.

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