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CHICAGO—Confused and unsettled after an employee at the clothing retailer called her by her name, area woman Christine Forberg, 28, confirmed she had no memory of telling the dressing room attendant at a local Gap store who she was. “She unlocked a dressing room for me and said ‘Let me know if you need any other sizes, Christine,’ which was weird, because I swear I didn’t introduce myself,” said the visibly shaken Forberg, carefully reconstructing every moment she’d spent in the store thus far—from entering it, to selecting a pair of size-eight dress slacks, to approaching the fitting rooms—to assure herself she hadn’t at any point given the woman her name. “She even wrote ‘Christine’ on the little chalkboard on the door. And then, when she came back a few minutes later with a shirt she thought I’d like, she called me ‘Ms. Forberg’! At first I thought maybe I was still wearing my ID badge from work, but nope. What the hell?” At press time, reports confirmed Forberg had made a hasty exit from the store after the clerk referred to her by a private nickname thought to be known only to her boyfriend.


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