Devastated Family Struggling To Cope After Losing Everything On DVR

CHILLICOTHE, MO—Reeling in the wake of sudden, unthinkable tragedy, members of the Talbott family were reportedly left struggling to pick up the pieces Thursday night after an unexpected hard drive crash erased everything they had stored on their digital video recorder. “I just can’t process this—it’s all gone, vanished in an instant,” said an ashen-faced Jessica Talbott, 42, staring sullenly ahead as she mentioned that the family’s painstakingly saved collection of HD shows had included episodes of Sleepy Hollow and NCIS that she had dreamed of watching with her kids someday. “You hear about this happening to other families who don’t know how to work their settings, but you never think it could happen to you. How do you recover from a loss like this? How do you rebuild after losing two whole seasons of Person Of Interest? It won’t be easy, but I guess all we can do is put our heads down and try to find a way to move on.” After taking a moment to silently contemplate her grief, Talbott added that she was deeply grateful to friends and neighbors who had offered to lend their DVD collections to help the family through the trying weeks and months ahead.

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