Illustration for article titled Detective Behind Two-Way Mirror Nervously Crosses Arms As Criminal Addresses Him Directly

PHILADELPHIA—Bracing himself as he monitored an ongoing interrogation from behind a two-way mirror, Detective James Harpin of the Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit nervously crossed his arms as Julian Calandra, the suspect in a recent string of disappearances, slowly swiveled his chair in his direction and began addressing him directly. “Let’s dispense with the formalities, shall we?” the suspect said as he calmly clasped his hands and peered at the reflective side of the mirror, breaking into a thin smile before adding, “What, you don’t think I know you’re there?” “I respect you, Detective, I really do. You tracked me this far—not an easy task, I assure you—and now I’m finally in handcuffs, just like you always wanted. But what you’re doing won’t work. No, it won’t work at all. In fact, I’d say the game has only just begun.” At press time, Harpin had reportedly broken protocol and stormed into the investigation room after Calandra suggested that if he really wants to know where the missing women are, he should ask his very pretty daughter.


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