Dermatologist Recommends Not Caring So Much What Other People Think

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TUCSON, AZ—While discussing the long-sought secrets of luminous, blemish-free skin, dermatologist Dr. Risa Helene strongly recommended Wednesday that patients commit to a routine of not caring so much what other people think. “The best treatment out there—far healthier than vitamin-rich creams or clinically tested serums—is simply a sustained attitude of self-worth,” said Helene, adding that moisturizing was completely unnecessary if you just put yourself out there and let people see the real you. “Take it from me, most skincare issues, from enlarged pores and blackheads to rosacea and eczema, are caused by worrying too much about the opinions of those who shouldn’t even matter. A positive outlook and some confidence is really all you need for glowing skin. I used to recommend that patients remove any perfumes or scented lotions from their routine to eliminate rashes and dermal irritations, but you know what’s really irritating? Judgy people. As a doctor, all I can really tell you is that you’re beautiful when you just believe in yourself and don’t let negative talk bring you down.” Helene added that sunscreen was superfluous if you take time to look in the mirror twice daily and tell yourself you’re beautiful.