Dementia Patient’s Family Keeps Ripping Her Away From Idyllic World Of 1950s

VERO BEACH, FL—Frequently reminding her that the year is 2015 and that she no longer lives in suburban Pennsylvania, the family of dementia sufferer Evelyn Parker, 84, keeps brutally ripping her away from the soothing, idyllic world of the 1950s, sources confirmed Friday. “No, don’t you remember, Grandma? Bill’s gone now. He passed in 1998,” said Parker’s granddaughter Denise Wiley, jarring the woman from the blissful surroundings of a joyous family dinner around the dining room table of their newly purchased Levitt house in prosperous postwar America, and thrusting her back into the present moment in which her health, her mobility, and nearly every one of her joys in life had long since disappeared. “This isn’t Dellwood Avenue, Grammy. You haven’t lived in that neighborhood for almost 60 years. Just look around. You moved to Florida decades ago. See?” Wiley then reportedly spent 10 minutes trying to force her grandmother to take a medication that would dissolve away her evening’s plan of attending the premiere of Singin’ In The Rain with the charming, handsome young man who was courting her, and instead leave her sitting by herself in her small nursing facility apartment.


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