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WALNUT CREEK, CA—Explaining that her workouts at Flywheel Sports always leave her feeling balanced and reenergized, local mother of three Karen Madison told reporters Monday that her daily spin class was the only thing keeping her from driving a car full of her children right into the Pacific Ocean. “I’m stuck in this house all day long, and I swear, if I don’t have my five o’clock spinning session, I will load the kids into the van and drive it straight off a dock,” said the 37-year-old, who added that just one hour of intense cardio with her instructor allows her to sweat away any stress that would cause her to speed her Honda through barriers along the waterfront and not stop until the vehicle was submerged under 10 feet of seawater. “I can be having the worst week, but once I’m in there spinning alongside [friends] Janet and Kathy, all my anxieties, and bad mood, and impulses to strap the boys into the backseat and plunge into a deep body of water just completely melt away. I don’t know what I’d do without those classes.” Madison added that the 30 minutes of yoga she performs each week in the family’s living room also provide her with the mental clarity she needs to not slowly poison her husband to death.


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