‘Daddy, I’m Hungry!’ Says 27-Year-Old Bursting Into Background Of Father's Video Conference

Illustration for article titled ‘Daddy, I’m Hungry!’ Says 27-Year-Old Bursting Into Background Of Fathers Video Conference

SEATTLE—Sprinting through the office door and leaping onto his stunned father’s lap, 27-year-old Dennis Radomir loudly announced “Daddy, I’m hungry” Monday as he burst into the background of a work-related video conference. “Daddy, Daddy, my tummy is grumbling, please can I have my yum yums now,” whined the fully grown adult male before taking off his shirt, falling to the ground, and crying loudly after his father refused to give him his favorite “dino nuggies.” “But Daddy! I’m bored and Mommy’s being mean to me and says she’s on the phone. Please, please, please? Oh! Can I use your puter to play Minecraft? Also, I have to go potty, but no one will help me.” At press time, Radomir had been dragged out of the office by his furious mother who was simultaneously attempting to breastfeed his 24-year-old little brother.

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